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Ali Azimi

Hello world!
I am a passionate UX researcher with a solid programming background from Canada.
My superpower is to breaking down complex problems into doable solutions to maintain the balance between users' satisfactions and business goals.

Always there is a way to find the answer, eh?

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Blood Sugar Buddy is a multi-platform application that helps people with diabetes control their blood sugar. This app can also connect users to local diabetes specialists and medical equipment providers. The first round of the research study has been done, and the development team will release the beta version in mid-2021.
Blood Sugar Buddy mobile app screenshot
Blood Sugar Buddy mobile app screenshot
Blood Sugar Buddy mobile app screenshot
Blood Sugar Buddy mobile app screenshot
Blood Sugar Buddy mobile app screenshot is a tech company in Ottawa. Their primary app helps network administrators to have real-time and reliable monitoring over computer networks. During the summer internship in 2020, I launched a competitive market analysis and conducted UX research for a new app feature. I proposed and designed a new graph-layout for representing network components.

VYRent is the first and only marketplace for luxury watch rentals. It is Airbnb but for watches! An agile in-house team developed our cross-platform mobile app, so we (the UX team) had the opportunity to collaborate more with them. Like other software projects, needs had changed during the development. As a UX supervisor, I tried to maintain the balance between new requirements, limitations and deadlines.
Vyrent mobile app screenshot
Vyrent mobile app screenshot
Vyrent mobile app screenshot
Vyrent mobile app screenshot
Vyrent mobile app screenshot

The phone multi-criteria decision model (MCDM) is a web-based single-page application that helps users find the best cellphone based on their preferences. This project uses VUE.js for the presentation layer and Node.js as the backend. The cellphones properties were collected by a web-scraping application that I developed specifically for this app.
Phone MCDM multi-criteria decision model
Phone MCDM multi-criteria decision model
Phone MCDM multi-criteria decision model

Ali Azimi

UX Research/designer
(613) 447-8481


  • UX researcher with +6 years of experience across user centred design with solid programming experience. Substantial skills in collecting users’ requirements and converting them into applicable storyboards, sketches, wireframes, mockups and prototypes.
  • Experienced in vector and raster graphic design software and collaborative interface design platforms (Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, XD, Figma, Axure).
  • Participated in all phases of software development life cycle including requirement analysis, design, implementation, testing in agile team environments. Experienced in Microsoft .NET framework, JavaScript, and Python programming languages.


Sep 2019 – Dec 2020 Researcher, Carleton University (INCLUDE lab) – Ottawa
  • Designed and developed a custom wearable device for pianists to build an automatic page-turner. Results are published in HCI-International 2020 conference.
  • Designed and developed a computer-based video game and its clone with wearable technologies via microcontrollers to evaluate the users' experiences in both forms of interactions.
  • Developed and implemented a web extension for usability testing the Stack-Exchanges websites.
  • Upgraded the database of Carleton University hardware-service center. Re-designed forms, views, reports, and designed a web-based prototype of the current system for future developments.
Jun 2019 – Sep 2020 UX Designer (internship), ITmanager – Ottawa
  • Conducted market and competitor analysis for upgrading the network-iteration feature.
  • Designed a novel and optimum solution for visualizing network components in a graph-based layout.
  • Designed a relational data schema for storing the properties of network hardware.
Apr 2018 – May 2019 UX Consultant, Vyrent – New York
  • Supervised the user research, visual designing, prototyping phases of Vyrent mobile app.
  • Collaborated with product owners and business partners to reduce app development complexities.
Jul 2015 – Apr 2018 UX Consultant, Vyrent – New York
  • Designed and implemented the disaster recovery plan for IT department.
  • Led a software development team to re-design the database of sales unit.
  • Supervised the business process re-engineering project that identified a logistical bottleneck and saved the company $200K.
Sep 2010 – Jul 2015 UX Designer – PersiaBME – Tehran
  • Assisted senior UX researcher in running interview sessions, collecting, and prioritizing customers' feedback.
  • Identified new user personas which adding into product increased 20% of customers satisfaction.
  • Worked closely with development team and built rapid and re-usable web UI components.
  • Conducted 100+ remote and in-person usability-test sessions in over 20 provinces which decreased 45% of customers support tickets.


  • Certified for desktop and web developer with .NET framework, Tehran institute of technology – 2008.
  • Certified for responsive web-designer, Tehran institute of technology – 2013.


  • Carleton University – Ottawa
    MASc. Human-computer interaction 2019 – 2020
  • Beheshti University – Tehran
    M.S Management of information technology 2013 – 2016
  • Azad University – Tehran
    B.S Accounting and financial management 2000 – 2004

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